Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I think one of the most satisfying part of digital painting (besides it being digital) is when your last piece turned out well you can carry what you learn into the next piece albeit more confident. The beauty of knowing some painting fundamentals IMHO is that all it takes is mileage and keep churning out pieces and you will notice a considerable difference between your the quality of your work 2 months ago and what your presently working on. When building a portfolio this is frustrating since you can't hit the ideal number of pieces you are satisfied presenting and at the same time quite happy that your skills are growing.

For the next piece (still a work in progress) is Edward Hyde, Dr. Jekyll's evil alter ego. Painting over and using the values from previous

painting, I roughly blocked in what I had in my head then changed the color into a more reddish hue. For the scondary lighting I looked at near the opposite of the color wheel and found a misty emerald that I like.
Normally for portraits I find 1000 pixel wide canvas is good enough to get in enough details, I never go higher than that. Since painting I keep in mind to look at the Navigation Tool which is sized extremely small. If the overall looks good in that size its worth it to bang in the details because so far your painting already has a slight guarantee that it has a direction and "going somewhere." Take control of your painting.

Details up ahead.

So I made a list of significant details I need to research on like "Screaming mouth with Fangs" and bloody lip. The up is the FX part to add energy and motion to a simple headshot.