Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Work and closing 2011

As 2011 closes, I'm glad I gotten a chance to apply what I learned into games. Casual games in this case. Not really what I was aiming for at first but now working on them I get to appreciate the effort it takes to make even the simplest one.

Things seem to work out and I'm not really a religious person but it feels like somebody up there is watching over me (Hi Dad.) Well now, I can't disappoint him can I? or all my friends and family that supported me on my crazy ride back and forth from Singapore to the Philippines. Architecture to Entertainment Design. Mostly anyone who gave me hope when I felt hopeless and confidence when I had doubts. I'll pass on what those people gave me to whoever needs it.

Will be entering a semi-sabbatical on art posts for 2012. Got too caught up on all these online postings and forums that I couldn't see the forest from the trees. I'll definitely be doing artwork but you'll have to drop by my room to see most of it.